Listen our song of the trip !

For the travel here is a little song that Claire composed: Listen to « Partager un bout de chemin »:
Thanks to Freddy for the guitar and Jeremie for the editing! 😘


(So that you can understand, sing it and share it) Accords : G / Bm / D / A7 >1st verse We have to move forward, don’t care about all these people who stopping us to move forward… They think they can have us, but they can go away, we have what’s called hope. Loving and sharing, becoming aware of your humanity without asking yourself too many questions, the stupid way…! Refrain : ( Bm/ D / G / A 7 ) Come on, share a piece of the road, the Path of hope, here we dance.. Come on, the sun shines for everyone, and for you, at every second.. Come on, here we want to realize that the state has no urgency.. (there is some tricks with some expressions or world that are hard to translate… 😉 ) Come on, we’ll have to move on, it’s for sure, reason some hard heads, take care of the future… >2nd verse No, I don’t have all the solutions, It will take evolutions. The connection of all generations, And for that to change, you have to take care of what you eat.. And for it to move, we have to move.. Wonder at the little things, without looking like it, with rose water… I won’t let it be said that it’s too late, I won’t have, a big cockroach…! Refrain No, I don’t have all the solutions, but I try without pretension, to share, my little song…


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Help us on our adventure !

This project is collaborative, it means that it is built with you!
How to participate in the project and contribute to the success of the journey, the film and the travel diary? Here is the list of what you can do:

Présentation de notre projet sous forme vidéo et texte
Presentation of our project in video form and text
  • Give us an idea of a site to visit, an address to stop, a hike to do, a route to follow, a person to meet …
  • We share your opinion on this site, when we will see, by mail, on our facebook page …
  • Come to our return meeting where we will screen the film we will make during the trip and where we can share what we saw (more info later)
  • Read the articles we will realize and react
  • And for the rest free to your imagination ….!
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What is the paths of hope ?

The paths of hope is the project of two young people, Claire and Jérémie! They have the ambition to make you travel with them throughout their journey …

The paths of hope is …

… A European bike tour over 12,000 km


… A trip where we take the time to travel!

We do not give ourselves so much time limit but the budget is established for 1 year. We want to take our time to understand the natural and social environment around us by taking an interest in:

  • the most sober and resilient ways of managing the resources of land and water: what are the different management policies by country, we want to collect experiences on integrated resource management systems;
  • to the direction taken by agriculture in the different European countries: « By what means it meets the challenges of today and tomorrow ? « 
  • to the production (at different scales) of the foods we consume
  • Discover other ways of thinking, other cultures and other territories.

To answer those 3 questions we will approach associations, farms, businesses, organizations and simply people before and during the trip.

We will stop to work, take part in projects or visit places of interest.

We are adventurers and athletes, with the insatiable desire to discover the world, it seems to us as essential to MAKE LINK and share experiences across borders.

… The adoption of a « nomadic » way of life

Camping, homestay accommodation, woofing or otherwise, we carry on our bikes the necessary to live independently with the help of technical equipment and our past experiences.

… A trip that we share

This bike trip, we want to share it WITH YOU. We will therefore be like 2 reporters by writing articles about numerous topic (Topic) and by sharing the daily life of our trip (Travel diary).

We suggest you submit themes, ideas or steps (through the crowdfunding site or on this page: Help us on our adventure!).

Oh yes we were going to forget! You can take your bike to go a long the way with us! Take a look at our itinerary, contact us and come with us for 1 or 10,000 km ! Join us!

Our few months before leaving will allow us to better inform you (and us too!). We remain in the optics that every idea is good to take and that the project is not built only before, but throughout the trip and especially with you!

The goal is to come back enlightened on what can be implemented positive, ideas full and a first experience that will serve as water and food to the small seed that is currently in the ground. … (to meditate 😉 )



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A little tour of preparation: Mont St Michel

First long-term test with the saddlebags loaded!

This test starts with a route review that was originally scheduled for 3 days! But a detour in a beautiful place made us postpone our departure. We were at Thomas and his family, an independent living place built around an edible forest and good mood.

Maybe we lived the premise of our future journey: to take the time to stop. The restorer of the Kabeng in Bordeaux said to us: « if you are in one place, stay there! There is no point in always looking better elsewhere » (besides if you have the opportunity to eat there, we advise you !).

Finally, we will try not to look better elsewhere, we enjoy meetings without time constraints. But let’s stop with all that blah, and let’s talk about Mont Saint Michel!

So after 2 days discovering the house of Thomas and its forest, we come back to pedal because we have to train!

Departure from Avranches to make a return trip to Mont St Michel!

Distance: 60 km

Time: 3:30 on the saddle;)

-> We filled our bags to make more true !!

-> It hurt our buttocks! Not easy last mounted with 60 km in the legs.

We drove in the salt water, in the middle of the sheep, the scenery is total !!

We have fun, what a feeling of freedom, we let go a little hands;)

Well the record is: we have to train a little more, because we were well tired in the evening! And winter is coming, it will be complicated … But we will do our best to schedule a next walk, on two three days this time!

In the meantime, Claire is doing her pumps and abs in the morning while Jeremy is doing his meditation, each his training method … We will try to go to the pool, to keep the endurance and not get bored. winter and Christmas meals!

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Before departure: The farm « Le Petit Changeons »!

What better way to get into the bath than to live on the farm and discover a new region!

So here we are in Normandy, where Claire did her internship at the Chamber of Agriculture while staying in the collective room of the farm changeons small!

To live to the rhythm of the goats, the batches of breads, the killings of pigs, the hays, the harvests, the celebrations, the harvests of fruits …. unluckily it learns a lot of stuff!

I had (Claire) the chance not to set foot in a supermarket during my stay, because here we are not badly supplied with food, but hey, if you are tired of eating rillettes and goat logs you can go for a walk to the market of Avranches or go to the small payotte Carole beach eat waffles and fries (because there is a beautiful view and that in life, the fat is good … )!

Anyway it’s a place that moves, with a lot of local producers and organic in the area, with associations that throw like the « Electric Sheep » or « PermaBoys »;) … Yes, sometimes I I have the impression, as my dear Parisians would say: that Avranches is a city of hippies! 😉

For 6 months what a contrast between the interviews that I had to carry out as part of my work, at dairy farmers, in front of the agriculture that I discovered at Le Petit changeons …. Fresh arrival from Savoie, I had already seen what was a « Truc » dairy farm (The « Truc » is an Alpine pasture at the foot of Mont Blanc which is organized as a cooperative to harvest milk and make reblochon!). I was surprised, little Savoyard that I am, to see so few cheese processing workshops on the farm and small local dairy. The milk in Normandy is mainly harvested by large dairies and processed in factories.

This internship made me go back to the Normans farmers and made me aware of all the regulations and the administrative declarations to which they are subjected. Some of the farmers I met could not see a future for agriculture because they (those who see no future) do not earn much, their income is mainly the CAP * and they are always asked to produce more for less (the law of the big market).

Farmers have to maintain waterways, preserve the hedgerow, treat their corn or wheat at night to not kill bees and they are not paying for it. You will say, « It’s common sense! » Not always when it takes too much time and it becomes a constraint unfortunately …. Maybe one day we will take into account the cost of environmental services rather than having coercive measures …

* CAP: Common Agricultural Policy, these are European subsidies dedicated to farmers.

The Petit Changeons system is different and seems more resilient … it wants to be more autonomous. Farmer baker, goat farm with cheese processing workshop and direct sale, use of whey to feed the pigs … Yes we learned things here with Emeric …

Now that the internship is over, it’s not so easy to leave the little chieuvs. So, thank you Emeric for supporting my daily tornado for 9 months! …….

To be continued in the next episode ! (I always dreamed of saying that!)

(Announcement of an upcoming movie about Jeremy’s experience on the farm with a zoom on the bakery!)


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